Mailbox technical information offers two main services:

  • register Your own personal mailbox -;
  • register mailbox with Your domain name - username@yourdomain.

Both services are available as free and paid mailboxes. More information about both services You can find in the table below. Domain Mail + domain Premium


for free 1 EUR monthly 3 for free 1 EUR monthly*

Amount of email per day


- maximum amount of outgoing emails

3 10 000 300 10 000

- maximum amount of incoming emails

without limit without limit without limit without limit

Amount of recipients of outgoing emails per day


- by using home page

3 300 300 300

- by using email programs (SMTP)

3 50 50 50

Size limitation

- mailbox size

20 GB

- file storage size

10 GB

- maximum size of incoming email

60 MB

- maximum size of outgoing emails in home page

52 MB

- maximum size of outgoing emails in email programs (SMTP)

60 MB


*for each mailbox (if You purchase one premium mailbox, all other mailboxes of one domain also recieves premium status)

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