Quick questions

The Inbox.eu portal offers two email service options: Personal or Business.

Business email (“Business”) is a mailbox, in the name of which your domain name will be used, for example, info@yourdomain.com.

This mailbox can be created and used by any internet user who is a domain owner. Therefore, this email type is also called “domain email”.

To use a domain mailbox in the inbox.eu system, you need to complete the registration process. Use one Inbox.eu account to manage all your domain mailboxes. After registration add other domain in admin section.

Business registration

Attention! In the case that you cannot register your domain name due to the fact that it was previously registered in the Inbox.eu system by someone else or for some other reason, please contact our technical support service for help.

Immediately after registration, you can enter your domain email administration panel, where you need to validate the domain name (to confirm that you are the owner of your domain name).

4 ways of validation are available (DNS, MX, TXT, HTML). Read more

After successful validation, you will be able to come up with the name of the first mailbox, which has your domain name, and to create your first mailbox with your domain name. For example, support@mydomain.com

After successful domain validation, we offer 30-day trial period. During the trial period no credit card is required.

During Trial period you will get your emails, however  you must validate your phone number to enable outgoing e-mail functionality.

As part of anti-spam protection, the trial version allows you to send no more than 3 emails per day. To remove the limit and enable other features, you must activate Premium version for each domain mailbox. Read more

  • Validate your ownership of domain with *DNS TXT* or *HTML file upload* method.
  • Attempt to migrate one or few users to see migration settings are correct.

If you choose .csv import option you can check it's structure in


  • Check import logs in https://a.inbox.eu admin panel if everything looks ok.
  • Login to inbox.eu webmail https://login.inbox.eu with imported user to see

if folders and messages are imported and can be viewed.

  • Run e-mail migration for all users.
  • Re-check again if mailboxes are synced correctly to our mail servers.

You can check message count for each mailbox after login and it's folders in https://mail.inbox.eu/folders

  • Next, point your DNS MX record to **mx.inbox.eu**

so our mail server can start receiving new e-mails for your domain.

  • Migrate custom filters and forwards if necessary for each mailbox.
  • Optionally import contacts in https://contacts.inbox.eu (in vCard format)

if old e-mail provider had such feature

  • After a while run migration of data again (by clicking **Retry all** in **User import** section) or

by re-running the same CSV file again (this can be repeated multiple times).

This needs to be done because it takes some time for DNS to propagate for other mail servers.



1. Migration from different providers

1.1. Migration with IMAP protocol

This is the most common way to import e-mails from existing mailboxes.

There are 2 options:

  • Provide IMAP password for each mailboxes user
  • If your old mail server supports admin credentials check

**Use global server credentials** in **Advanced options** and enter global username and password to enable passwordless migration

This way you don't need to know password for each imported mailbox.

We support Dovecot, Cyrus IMAP and many other web servers which provide global access with admin credentials.


1.2. Migration with POP3 protocol

Legacy POP3 protocol can also be used if you don't have access to IMAP protocol.

One of the downsides is that POP3 protocol does not support folders and all messages will be imported to INBOX folder. Also read status of messages will not be saved.


1.3. Migration from Google G Suite or Google Workspace:

You can use google domain admin credentials to migrate mailboxes to inbox.eu

instead of relying of IMAP protocol.

Google custom domain specific settings will be automatically shown when you enter *imap.gmail.com*

as mail server and **origin domain name** as any other than gmail.com.

Alternatively you can just enable legacy IMAP connections from 3rd-party mail clients by enabling "Less secure apps" for each mailbox in



1.4. Steps to enable google migration with Admin credentials

1. Enable GMAIL API:


2. Create service account in Credentials section of GMAIL API (unique id will be generated for that account):


3. Create .json key in "Keys" tab:

https://console.cloud.google.com/iam-admin/serviceaccounts/details/{your unique id here}/key

4. Add global privileges to whole domain:


* client id is unique id created in step 1

* scope is **https://mail.google.com/**


1.5. Migration from gmail.com

There are 2 ways to import your @gmail.com account:

1. By enabling 3rd-party email clients with "Less secure apps" setting in


2. By creating empty mailbox in inbox.eu and choosing *Connection other mailboxes* in https://mail.inbox.lv/prefs here you will be able to use OAuth2 flow for migrating gmail.com content.

This way you can avoid enabling "Less secure apps option".

Downside of this option is that you can not use multi-user import and this needs to be done for each user individually.

Mail size

100 GB for each mailbox with your domain name. In case you need even more space for your letters - write to us at support@inbox.eu.

Work through Outlook

The ability to safely work with mail through any email program on your computer or phone. Connection via POP3 or IMAP through a specially generated password.

Domain name

Inbox.eu offers mail for any domain name. It doesn’t matter where your domain was registered and with what extension or name. Some popular resources for domain registration: nic.lv (.lv), godaddy (.info, .com), www.mozello.com/ (.com, .info, .org, .lt, .lv, etc. )

Number of Mailboxes

You can create an unlimited number of mailboxes with your domain name, as much as necessary for your convenient work.

Trial & Premium mailbox

Domain name validation is required. After successful validation, create a mailbox to continue with trial period. To enable all inbox.eu features, you must subscribe to Premium version.


Business Trial

Business Premium

Mailbox quota

100 GB

100 GB




Valided mobile phone


no required




Email sending

3 letter per day


Forward of email

3 letter per day



Web Mail Availability

Modern design when working with the web version - support for color themes, 9 interface languages ​​(latvia, russian, english, spain, bengali, punjabi, indonesian), transfer large files up to 1.5 GB, support for relativity when working on the most popular browsers, customizable personal filters, redirects and signatures.

Saving your resources

You pay only 9.99 euros per year and round-the-clock technical support of mail is provided by the Inbox.eu professional IT team - protection against spam and viruses, hardware & software support, answers to your various questions and fixing any unexpected problem at any time of the day.

Sending letters without restrictions

No limits on sending a large number of letters - invoices to customers, sending out promotional materials to your partners, or simply when working with a large stream of letters, all your letters will be sent immediately without any restrictions.

Mobile application

We offer a separate mobile application for working with email on Andorid / iOs phones. Multi-account support, new mail notifications, contact synchronization and other necessary functions for convenient and fast mail handling via mobile phone or tablet.

Privacy of your data

We guarantee the security of your data. We do not store or pass on your personal information to third parties, either government agencies or advertisers. You have the right to delete all your data at any time in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

File storage service

10 GB for storing personal files and 100 GB of space for storing your shared files between all users of your domain mail. Store any file up to 1.5 GB on the cloud - no time limits!

2-step verification

Extra protection for any of your domain mailboxes with a connected mobile phone.

Access to Aliases

You can pay only for one mailbox, but use 5 more aliases for free. All mails sent to the specified aliases will go to your main mailbox. Aliases works without any time limits.

Simple domain administration interface

A simple and convenient web interface for managing domain mail - creating users / mailboxes, paying for business mail, viewing bills and adding a logo. Just the most important things.

Calendars and contacts

Access to a simple scheduler and contact storage system. Ability to synchronize calendar and contacts via mobile phone using the mobile application inbox.eu.

Always active mailboxes

Even if you don’t use any of the created domain mailboxes for more than 9 months, they always will be active and ready to receive any mail at any time. The status of the mailbox will never change.

Help in transferring mail to Inbox.eu

We will help you transfer your existing mail to us simply, quickly and at a time convenient for you! Write to us at support@inbox.eu and our  technical support will help you with all the issues related to the migration of your users and letters.

Purchase Premium subscription for new domain mailboxes or renew the Premium subscription for current domain mailboxes can:

  • the users who own a domain (using domain mailbox);
  • domain email administrators (using admin section).

If you are purchasing the Premium subscription for the first time, you can choose the number of mailboxes you need. Minimum: 1 mailbox with payment for 1 or 3 years.

If you already have a Premium subscription, you have the following options:

  • renew the Premium subscription for all created domain mailboxes that exist;
  • purchase a new Premium subscription for a certain number of mailboxes. However, in this case, an adjustment regarding the validity periods of your current Premium subscription and of the new Premium subscription will be carried out. You cannot purchase a new Premium subscription for a longer period of time than the validity period of the current one. The price will be calculated depending on the number of days remaining until the end of the validity period of the current Premium subscription.