Password – it is the only and most important protection for your account. 

There are some rules for creating password:

  • password must contain at least 6 symbols,
  • can be used letters, numbers and symbols,
  • remember, that password is case sensitive - JaPe1975 and jape1975 are two different passwords!
  • it is forbidden to create easy to quess passwords such as "123456", "password", "qwe123" and so on - system will not let you save such password, according to the easily quessed and hacked passwords data base;
  • never use your name, surname, nick, passport number, date of birth etc. as your password if you want it to be safe,
  • do not use for password the same what you used for answer to the security question!
  • when choosing password - do not use last 3 used passwords for your account  - system will not let you save any of 3 last used passwords.

It is very important to follow these rules:

  • Never give your password to someone else. Also do not choose too simple password. 
  • In case you use somebody else computer, always push the button „Sign out” when you have finished your work and do not save the password in a cache of used browser.
  • If you think that someone has known your password, change it and also the answer to the secret question. P.S. If you use POP3 connection in your mailbox, then before password change, please switch this option off. Otherwise password change will not have any results. After it is done, switch pop3 back again.
  • Do not use similar passwords for registration on different sites. It is easier to brake your password and in that case your password and your personal information can be used for wrong purpose.  

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