Change registration details

To change the registration details, you need to log into configuration panel as root administrator. In the control panel choose a domain and press "Manage", and from the left side menu choose "Company" and click "Manage" near the needed company. Here you can change the following data:

  • company country,
  • company address,
  • company contact name / surname,
  • company contact phone number,
  • company contact Email,
  • and other information.

After all the changes have been done, press "Save" to confirm changes.

It is also possible to change the company logo by uploading image using jpg, png or gif file format.

  • login to your mailbox,

  • click on "Domain cfg.",

  • open "Domain" section,
  • click "Choose file" to choose your logo from the pc,

  • after file is chosen, click "Upload logo" button.
  • logout from e-mail, then login again to see the changes.

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