Domain verification and validation

You have registered successfully on To fully start utilizing your domain mail on the Inbox.euyour domain has to be validated during the next 270 days after the registration..

To validate your domain on the you can use any one (or all) of the following methods:

  1. DNS Delegation – to verify a domain using this method, please, delegate the domain zone to our NS servers:
    IN NS
    IN NS
                                   all other NS records should be deleted!
    This is preferred method, because it we will add all required dns records in zone for You, and You will have domain management interface in administration page.
  2. MX records – to verify a domain using this method, please, add MX record to Your DNS zone:
    IN MX
    This is second preferred method, as after this validation you will be able to retrieve mail immediately.

After validation with you will be able to use administration panel to create users, but will not be able to send/receive emails. After successfully validation, need add new following entries or change existent to Your current DNS zone:

  • (Required) To enable email retrieval on, You should add on You DNS MX records which points to:
    IN MX
  • (Recommended) To enable simplified login page accessible on mail.domain, You should add DNS “CNAME” record:
    mail.domain in „CNAME”
  • (Recommended) TXT record to prevent spam from your domain:
    IN TXT v=spf1 ~all

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