Warning "this message could've been sent by user ..."

     Be careful with this message. Our systems couldn’t verify that this message was really sent by x@xxx.xx. You might want to avoid clicking links or replying with personal information.Lear more

     This warning is shown when the sender's address does not match the declared policy of the sender's domain (SPF, DKIM standards). Odds are good the address is fake, and the message - fraudulent.

     Peculiarity  of e-mails is that any data can be entered in the "From" field. Real information about the message and the sender can be found in the source code of the letter.

     For example, the specified sender is xxx@inbox.eu, but filtration system determines the true source of the letter, for example, xxx@spam.net, and issues warning message.


     Do not reply to such letters - in 99% of cases, spam messages don't have real reply address. Therefore, you will receive diagnostic MAILER-DAEMON@spammailserver.lv or MAILER-DAEMON@yormailserver.com message, in which mail server warns you about a non-existent account or DNS error. Your response to this letter only confirms that this email address is in active use, and will increase the amount of spam.

     If any letter looks suspicious to you, make sure that the message is indeed sent by the user specified in the “From” field. Do not provide personal information in response and do not follow the links in this message. Always be wary of any messages that request personal information or contain links to web pages with similar requests.

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