The personalized letters or why my name /data are in the spam letter?

With the development of the Internet, social networks, dating websites etc., programs – robots, while scanning the public websites, started to write in databases not only an emails, but also the additional information about the user, for example, the kind of activity, a focus of interest, region, the list of friends (names, surnames), the data about the user (a name, a surname), and also any other information which is managed to be received about the given user from the Internet. 

For those who uses such thematic bases of an emails, is possible to send the letter which will be addressed personally to you (your name and surname will be filled out), or to send you the letter as though from your friend. The more information about you is available for spammers, the easier way they can send you more personal and unique spam, which with bigger probability will pass all spam-blocking programs, filters and as the result will be opened by you. Personalized spam is more difficult for revealing and blocking, it is not anymore an identical mass mailing for all users it is personal letter for you. There are very many variants of what kind of letter will you receive form spammers next time and it’s impossible to predict all of them.

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