Connecting other mailboxes

For the convenience of users, the function "Connecting other mailboxes" is offered, which means that if you want to come to from another e-mail service provider, you can do so without losing all the e-mails in your previous mailbox.

To install this feature:

  1. You need to create an mailbox and go to "Settings → Connecting other mailboxes"
  2. Enter the e-mail address you want to connect and press continue

Setup mail server:

  1. Choose the server type "Automatic detection/don't know"
  2. If the address of the mail server is not automatically determined, then it is necessary to find it manually (googleyahooyandex aol)

Choose the server protocol, encryption and authentication::

  1. Select IMAP and SSL/TLS encryption as the server protocol
  2. Authentication type plaintext, if an error about authentication appears when creating a connection, then you need to choose encrypted

Enter password:

  1. When entering the password, make sure that you use the special password for the IMAP connection
  2. Press continue

Folder Mapping:

  1. Folder mapping is possible after connection
  2. If you want the content of the synchronized e-mail to be placed in a separate folder - then check "Put everything in a separate folder"
  3. If you want to choose which folders to sync and in which folder they are placed - check "Customize where to sync each folder..."
After choosing the settings, press "Save and start synchronization" and your e-mail will be synchronized, if you choose to synchronize the entire e-mail content and it takes up a lot of space - the synchronization may take longer.
New messages that enter the synchronized e-mail are collected once every 10 minutes.

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