Setting up an account in a client programm on ios mobile phone


     To set up an e-mail account in a built in client programm in your mobile phone, you need such settings:

  • Your e-mail adress - full e-mail adress, including "@" sign and domain name (for example,,
  • Password - to work with the mail program via POP3\IMAP\SMTP protocols, you need to use another password for your email, which you will see immediately after activating POP3\IMAP access.,
  • User Name - for example, "andrejs",

Incoming mail server:

  • POP3 server -
  • IMAP server -

Outgoing mail server (SMTP server):



  • Port of POP3s server: 995 (using SSL encryption) More about POP3s
  • Port of IMAPs server: 993 (using SSL encryption)
  • Port of SMTPs server with TLS support: 587 or 25. More about TLS

    *These ports are closed to use for security reasons: POP3 port 110. More

Also you need to allow POP3 access in your mailbox at

  • Go to “Options”, click “Email forwarding, mail programs, SMS alerts”;
  • Choose “Enable external POP3/IMAP and SMTP access”;
  • After activating, you will see your password in the new window;
  • Copy this password and use it for your e-mail in mail program.  

How to set up e-mail on device with iOS operating system:

1. Enter phone Settings,


2. choose "Mail, Contacts, Calendars",


3. press "Аdd Account"


4. then "Add Mail Account"


5. in a field "Name" enter your username, in "E-mail" - your complete e-mail address, "Password" - your password, then press "Next",


6. in a next window you have to fill in "Incoming Mail Server" and "Outgoing Mail Server" sections:
* in a "Host name" for incoming mail server you have to enter "",
* in a  "Host name" for outgoing mail server you have to enter "" 

Then it is obligate to press "Save", to see that account has been added.


7. scroll down the screen till you see "Outgoing Mail Server" and press "SMTP"


8. near the option "Primary server (" tap "on"


9. switch on "Use SSL" option and check that at the "Authentification" is chosen "Password".



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