Unusual login to your user account


Why are you receiving this notification?

To increase the security of mailboxes registered in Inbox.eu against online threats, and to help users keep up with their account security, any user of our email servers could receive an informative notification about unusual login activity: for example, about attempts to log in to a user account from unusual browsers or devices. Unfortunately, Inbox.eucannot determine what person is attempting a specific login, so you should bear in mind that you may receive this when you use your email for the first time on a new computer, phone or browser; if you use your browser’s incognito or private browsing mode; if you have deleted your cookies; as well as if someone else has accessed your account. 


What to do if someone else has logged in to your mailbox?

If, after receiving this notification, you feel that someone else may have accessed your email, we recommend the following actions for your security:


How to switch off this notification?

If you are sure that no suspicious activity is taking place in your account and you would no longer like to receive notifications regarding suspicious access to your account, go to Settings -> User profile -> Notifications, remove the check from “Receive notifications for suspicious account access,” and press Save.


Where to find out more about a specific login?

In the informative message you received, the following information is available:

  • Date - when and at what time the suspicious login took place,
  • Country - from which country the access occurred,
  • Operating system - what kind of device was used for the login, whether a Windows/Linux system or mobile phone (Android / iOS.)

Meanwhile, on your profile, you can see the IP address of the last successful login; if you still need further information, send a request from your mailbox to support@inbox.eu

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