Creating User Mailboxes or Domain Mailboxes

Use the Business access to manage your email account using your domain name and to create domain mailboxes.

The Users section will only be available upon completion of the full validation of your domain name. Enter it and make sure that there are no more warnings about the need to add additional entries.

If everything is ok, you will see the Add New button. Click on it, come up with the name of your mailbox, the password; if necessary, enter the name of the owner and activate POP3.

If you have a Premium subscription, then you can set your user status as Premium immediately.

If you do not have a Premium subscription, then your user status can only be Trial or Stopped.

In the Trial mode, you can also get familiarised with the functionality of the email service and receive new emails, however, to send your emails using this mailbox, you need to validate your mobile phone number or purchase a Premium subscription. Read more
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