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Getting Started with API API ( allows integration of e-mail management with third-party software. This can be used to develop new applications or integrate e-mail functionality with existing ones without worrying about hosting and managing Your own e-mail infrastructure.

The API helps you to easily add mailboxes for your domain name, list created mailboxes, automatically edit mailbox data (change password, user info etc), get subscription details without using admin panel ( directly.

dda5805f2a42d92004d429493557a2-1683541904-base.png API can be used in any programming language (PHP, Javascript, Java, .NET, Python, Rust, Go and etc.).

It follows REST principles and returns data in JSON format and allows API users to to interact programmatically and securely to manage user mailbox accounts. API is our B2B offer to allow to get an opportunity revenue for your business and available for any interested person or company.

Your app can use features like:

  • Mailbox management– create, update, delete or get list of user mailboxes
  • DNS management – create, update, delete, lookup and list DNS records (A, TXT, CNAME etc.)
  • Domain management – create, update, delete, verify and list your custom domains
  • Subscription management – list your invoices

Full list of features available by link:  

The documentation is comprehensive, easy to follow, with code samples and live testing functionality directly from user interface.

Benefits of Partnering with

Our API has been designed to support you as best as possible so that the end user (your customer) is given the best product and support available.

You can streamline and integrate better with your already existing system or Mail upkeep and administration by using this tool.

  • Better e-mail management & support of your clients
  • Better sales & client’s engagement
  • Streamlining & efficiency
  • Customer reach & customer-centricity
  • Process optimization and increased efficiency for your IT team
  • Reducing the human factor in domain mail creation & administration
  • Special bonuses for your clients
  • Grow your revenue

We guarantee:

  • Friendly Support team (via phone and e-mail) that is proud of our existing partnerships and ensures all partners are getting the level of support and backup they require, from day one.
  • Easy to integration as we use modern API standards so it will be easier for your IT team to get started


The API can be used by:

  • IT Administrators - users who connected and verified at least one domain using the Business interface. Administrators can manage their domains (add or remove) and the email on them.
  • Registrars - users who manage (register, park, check and so on) the domains of administrators and their email.
  • Website builder systems – delegate e-mail management to use so you can focus on your main business
  • Developers – users who integrate, set up the system and upkeep said system

The API offers you the solutions, tools and support you need to help satisfy your clients and set your company apart from the competition, delivering new and consistent revenue streams to your business.

This tool has many use cases to suit many different companies that use or thinking about using business services and are looking to integrate/upgrade their system

Before start using API:

  1. You must have a Business Account and an available valid domain -
  2. You must add your domain and do validation for them
  3. Validate your domain by DNS delegation or MX method
  4. Go to API page -
  5. Create new access token for your domain, note usually you only need one token key. Never make API keys publicly visible. With these keys You have full access to Your account!
  6. Go to API technical documentation page
  7. Click on the button “Authorize”
  8. Insert your token key in the password field API is available for you! Try our online user interface to check how specific API endpoints work before integrating your application with our API. Let’s go!




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