How and where to find out if the domain is validated?

In a "Domain" section in the administrative panel of domain email (enter "My domains" section by pressing the button "My domains" in a mailbox, under the list of folders on the left side of the screen->"control panel"-> choose domain and press "manage"-> "domain"), you can see all the information about domain - is it validates,does mailbox works properly, who is the owner of the domain and so on.

Here you can find out is your domain validated or not:

  • if you see "Your domain is successfully validated", then it is validated,
  • if there is "Your domain is not validated"then you have to validate it, othervise mailbox can not function.

To find records, which you need to add, you have to add to your DNS hosting, press "Review" near the domain status or section "Dns records". 

Follow the instructions - enter a homepage of your domain registry, using login and password You've obtained when you purchesed the domain, and add or modify any of records from the table. Wait for 2 and more hours to check if domain is validated by pressing on "Recheck" button. If you will try to check status of domain before 2 hours are gone, you will see message, that domain is not validated. It is all because system needs time to create appropriate records. Automatic domain status checking is made automatically every 2 hours.

In order for You to know the term that You have left to complete the validation process, under the table is also shown the number of days before automatic deletion of Your domain email. This period can be seen in the "Days left before delete".

The deadline for passing the validation process - 30 days.

After the end of deadline, domain email is automatically deleted from the system.

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