How to purchase "Premium" mailbox

To be able to buy "Premium" mailbox you have to be domain owner or administrator.

  • open and enter your mailbox,
  • enter "My domains" section by pressing the button "My domains" in a mailbox, under the list of folders on the left side of the screen to get to the administration panel,
  • choose a domain you want to add "Premium" mailbox and press "Manage" button next to it,

  • open user administration section, by clicking on the "Users/Emails"in the left side menu,

* here you can find the information about active and available mailboxes, subscription time of "Premium" mailboxes, opportunity to buy nex mailbox or extend subscription time

  • in a "Purchase of additional mailboxes" enter count of mailboxes you want to get and press "Buy" button,

  • you will get to the page, where will have to choose payment method and agree to the Terms of Service

* on this page you can also find information about mailboxes you purchase - count of mailboxes, price, subscription expiry date

  • press the "Pay" button and make a payment.

After payment is made, you will get as much quota as you specified when purchasing. It means that you can make as much mailboxes as you need. 1 quota = 1 "Premium" mailbox.

After successful process of payment You will receive a notification to your email and also will see the changes in the available mailbox count.

Payment information is available in the administration panel, in the "Billing" section.

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