Create a new user

To create a new user, you need to:

1. log into configuration panel as administrator (enter "My domains" section by pressing the button "My domains" in a mailbox, under the list of folders on the left side of the screen),

2. in the control panel choose a domain and press "Manage"

3. from the left side menu choose "Users/Emails",

4. click on the button "Create User" and fill out the form:

  • In the field "Username" enter username, note that your username can only contain Latin letters, numbers, dots, underline, or "minus" sign, other symbols is not allowed. User name cannot begin and end or consist of two or more dots, underline and / or "minus" signs in a row.
  • Write the password in the "Password" field and repeat the password in "Repeat password" again. It is necessary in order to prevent possible errors when you enter your chosen password.
  • In fields "First name" and "Last name" you can write name and surname of user, but these 2 fields are optional.
  • POP3/IMAP - turn on or off external POP3 and SMTP access.
  • The field "Status" determines the status of account - it should be left "Active", which is the default value (if you want to block the account, you must select "Inactive").
  • Most common value of the field "Role" is "User"; value "Administrator" assign only to trusted users. Every administrator has the right to block other users, or change the status of other accounts. Be careful with administrator rights assignment!
    *only domain owner can assign "administrator" role.

5. when all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are completed, click "Create".

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