Problems with e-mail receiving

Probably the main reason why You cannot receive mail is the absence of MX-records for the domain.

MX-record is the type of record used in DNS indicating how to route e-mail. This record provides the appropriate server intended for the users’ e-mail in this particular domain.

How it works

  1. In order to send an e-mail to a specified address, sender’s server performs a DNS query, requesting MX-record of recipient’s server.
  2. Query returns list with names of nodes, which receive incoming e-mail. Then sender’s server tries to establish connection with SMTP server and if successful, transfers message to SMTP server.

To solve the problem with e-mail receiving, You need to:

  1. Delegate us Your domain. You can read about it here
  2. Or modify the records of current DNS hosting, creating or changing MX-record. Provide the address, then press the button "Check domain".

It should be noted that effects after changing of DNS records will take some time (from 15 minutes to 2 hours or more).

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