How to change the password to the mailbox

If You are the administrator of the domain email, You can change the passwords for all users existing in Your domain email (excluding your own password!). To do this:

1. log into configuration panel as administrator (enter "My domains" section by pressing the button "My domains" in a mailbox, under the list of folders on the left side of the screen),

2. in the control panel choose a domain and press "Manage"

3. from the left side menu choose "Users/Emails",

4. in the table with the users select the user who needs password change - and click on the "View" button then click on "Edit user"

5. in the "Password" field, enter a new password, and also enter the new password in the "Repeat Password";

6. click the "Update" button;

7. inform user about his new password.

If it is necessary to change password for your account (no matters are you domain owner, administrator or user), you can change password in your User Profile.


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