What is Inbox.eu domain email and where to start?

1. What is Inbox.eu?

Inbox.eu has two opportunities for all internet users:

  1. Registration and usage of mailbox - yourname@inbox.eu. More
  2. If you are a domain owner, then Inbox.eu offers you to create your own domain email you@yourdomain.

2. What are the advantages of using a domain e-mail?

We offer safe, stable, intuitive and personalised domain e-mail service for Your business communication, thus helping You to gain more trust and solid reputation in the eyes of Your clients and partners. By choosing our service, You have the opportunity to reduce Your costs and time spent on the self-maintenance and support of Your domain e-mail.

3. Who can use Inbox.eu domain email?

Inbox.eu service is available for the owners of registered domains (both private and legal persons), no matter where the domain was registered – in Latvia or abroad. The service is available not only for those, who don’t have a domain e-mail but also for those, who have already created one earlier.

4. What is required to start using Inbox.eu domain email?  

To start using our service, You must:

A) Have an account at Inbox.eu - register email adress with your  username@inbox.eu. Further this email will be used to work with any of your domain email or emails, which will be placed in Inbox.eu system. Inbox.eu allows you to use one account to manage all domains you have.

B) You have to be a domain owner of at least one domain. Purchasing a domain is a paid service offered by third sites. More information here.

5. How to register at Inbox.eu?

Registering at Inbox.eu is free and available herehttp://www.inbox.eu/registration/. At the moment of the registration, You do not really have to own the domain You wish to create the domain e-mail for. You can get it later and then create domain email for it in any time.

6. What is a domain validation?

Domain validation is a process where You confirm the ownership of the domain. Validation can be performed in several ways.

7. How to perform domain validation?

Any of the 2 methods can be used to perform validation: DNS delegation, MX records.

To pass the validation visit Your domain's register home page (where You've registered your domain) and perform the required actions depending on the method You choose. Validation check is done automatically and takes some time. After performing the validation, You will receive an informative letter about Your domain's status change. More information here.

8. When can I start using the domain e-mail?

You can familiarize yourself with provided possibilities of the Inbox.eu domain mail right after registration, but work with e-mails (sending and receiving messages) is available only after the successful validation. Also, an MX record must be added. More information here.

9. How many users (mailboxes) can be registered for the domain e-mail?

You can create an unlimited number of users (mailboxes), for example, info@domain.lv, sales@domain.lv.  For each Your domain Inbox.eu offers 3 free mailbox (user). Information on how to create a user can be found here.

10. What are the options to manage users (mailboxes) of the domain e-mail?

In the admin panel of Inbox.eu the administrator of the domain e-mail can manage users: create new, delete, set rules, and manage passwords and more. Additional information here.

11. Price?

The free version of the Inbox.eu domain mail allows creating up to 3 mailboxes (users) for a single domain. If You need more than three mailboxes for a single domain, You need to purchase additional boxes - Premium, which is a paid service. More information about the limitations and prices can be found on the Prices page http://www.inbox.eu/prices/.

12. Who are Premium users?

Inbox.eu Premium users are paid users (mailboxes) for the domain address. Paid users’ subscription can be activated for 3, 6 or 12 months. More information about the main differences between the free and Premium accounts can be found on the Prices page.

Premium mailbox paid service can be purchased for absolutely any Inbox.eu mailbox and any domain address, i.e., You can change the status of a free box to paid one, Premium. When using a paid service, there is also the possibility to switch the status of all the mailboxes, available in one mail domain, from paid to free, and vice versa.

13. How to subscribe for new paid mailboxes?

Purchasing new Inbox.eu Premium mailboxes is possible maximum for 3 months, i.e., first time subscription is valid for 3 months with the possibility of renewal.

If You have previously purchased Premium mailboxes, the subscription for new (additional) Premium mailboxes is possible only for a period equal to the end of the current subscription for existing Premium accounts in Your domain email. Subscription can always be renewed. Purchase and renewals are arranged through the Inbox.eu administrative part and is available to users with the following rights - senior administrator and administrator.

14. How to extend the subscription period for Premium mailbox?

Subscription renewal for Premium accounts is available in the Inbox.eu administrative part. Extending is possible for 3, 6 or 12 months. In the case of renewal, You may automatically renew your subscription for all currently active Premium mailboxes, or reduce the number of extended Premium mailboxes.

15. What will happen to Premium mailbox if the payment is not paid?

If Premium mailbox subscription is not paid on time, after the expiration of the period mailbox status will be transferred to the status of "free." Since number of free accounts cannot exceed 3, all free boxes exceeding the set limit will be deactivated. Deactivated boxes can be activated again after the renewal of Premium subscription.

16. Mailbox size?

Mailbox size for domain e-mail is fixed  - 20GB.

17. Product features?

For all our customers we offer:

  • e-mail scanning for viruses using Kaspersky anti-Virus, 
  • secure data storage and transmission of data using encryption algorithm SSL,
  • the ability to configure mail rules,
  • no limits on the number of sent e-mails, 
  • user management through a single administrative interface, 
  • mobile version of service inbox.eu,
  • separate 10 GB storage for files, without any time limit,
  • synchronisation and back-up storage of contacts,
  • and many more features, which can be discovered right after the registration for Inbox.eu service.

18. The ability to check e-mails via e-mail programs?

To check domain e-mail, You can use e-mail programs such as Outlook, The Bat! and others. You can work with Your mail through protocols POP3/APOP/SMTP/SSMTP/IMAP. More information about the e-mail programs’ settings is available here.

19. Accessing mail?

We offer anytime access to the domain mail via:

  • WEB interface,
  • mobile application  for iOS and OS Android phone,
  • Your personal page for the domain mail  - http://mail.domain.com, where You can place the logo of Your company.

20. What if I already have a domain e-mail on another service?

If you already have an existing domain e-mail created earlier on another service, you can transfer this domain mail to Inbox.eu, for this process You need to register at Inbox.eu, validate the domain, create the same users (if any existed before) and go through the process of transferring the old mail. More information here.

21. Technical support?

Technical support is provided via feedback form, by e-mail or by phone + 371 67359626.

22. Help system

We have Help section, where You can find answers to many questions about using Inbox.eu, as well as examples of domain validation process on websites like www.nic.lvwww.godaddy.com using any of the validation methods.

If you were unable to find answer for your question, please write to support@inbox.eu