When you try to register your domain into the inbox.eu, appears notification that this domain is already registered. This notification appears when in the inbox.eu system someone has already entered this domain name.


Maybe someone have entered this domain name by mistake or it has been entered for other reasons - in this case you need to contact us so we can check the current status of the domain and help you to register it.

To create inbox.eu domain e-mail address, first of all you need to create an e-mail to domain owner, witch will be used only for domain administration.


! Only afther domain validation process you can create users in domain administration section "Users".


After that you need to logout from the domain owner's e-mail and enter the domain user's e-mail through a link www.inbox.eu/login/. Don't forget to enter newly created e-mail address and password.

If more than 2 hours after the DNS entries are made, the domain has not yet been validated, you need to:


1. Log in to your domain administration section and in the "DNS records" press the button "Test".

2. Make sure that in the domain registration site you have entered the correct information.


In both validation processes, inbox DNA may contain only a single entry - this means that there must be only:


one MX record - mx.inbox.eu

or twoDNS records - ns1.inbox.eu and ns2.inbox.eu.


! If there will be another NS or MX entry, the domain validation will not occur.

!! If the above steps have not helped, contact us and give as detailed information as possible about your actions and the resulting error. You can also send the screenshots.

You need to take entries where you have delegated DNS zone. Most often this zone is where you have purchased the domain.


If the domain has been purchased some time ago and you have already worked with it - it is possible that the DNS zone is delegated elsewhere. You can find out it by contacting the site where you have a registered domain.

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