Deleting a domain and domain e-mails

Only the domain administrator can delete domain and domain e-mails. Domain e-mail users can only close their account.

Domain and domain e-mail deletion is performed in accordance with the requirements of the European Union on the protection of personal information (GDPR) EU 2016/679 ( ).

This means that all personal information related to your domain (all domain users, all the contents of your users' e-mails - letters, saved files in the cloud, contacts, etc.):

  • Will be deleted immediately after confirmation of the deletion request;
  • Recovering the contents of your e-mail and other information related to your domain after deletion is NOT possible.
  • Immediately after deletion, the domain name will be available for new registration.
  • All technical information related to the confirmation of your rights to this domain and access to your domain e-mail will also be deleted.

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