How to check your domain validation status

  1. Authorize in your domain mailbox using this link:, and authorization data listed below:
    Administrator's e-mail: Your domain e-mail
    Administrator's password: Your password
  2. Go to the administration section by pressing the button "My domains" in a mailbox, under the list of folders on the left side of the screen.
  3. Open the «Home» tab;
  4. You will see validation status check for each validation method;
  5. automatically once an hour check you domain verification. But you can do it manually, click on button “Recheck my domain”;
  6. In case your actions were performed technically correct, your domain status must be “Validated” and you will receive a notification about the successful verification and a confirmation letter will be sent to your administrator’s e-mail;

In case you came across some difficulties verifying your domain, please feel free to contact technical department via e-mail or by filling out the “Support” form available on the page.  

After the successful verification of your domain, the unlimited spectrum of the services became available to you. Otherwise your domain and all the information entered during the registration will be automatically deleted from the system. To start using, you must register on the site again. You can do it through the following link:

If you were unable to find answer for your question, please write to